Sending air cargo to New Zealand? Despite the long distance you will be pleased to know that here at XPand Logistics the process of sending air freight to New Zealand is just as easy as sending to a neighbouring country.

As award winning freight forwarders and logistics professionals, we have been providing shipping to New Zealand for many years. Ensuring safe and cost effective transport for a vast range of goods both commercial and domestic.

Whether you have a large shipment or a number of smaller items including luggage or baggage, we can arrange to collect, ship and deliver your goods throughout New Zealand quickly and efficiently.

In addition we also offer the following services, some of which come as standard to aid your transport requirements;


Air Freight to New Zealand is Easy with XPand Logistics

Our Air Freight forwarding services to China have been designed over a number of years to be as simple as possible.
We a wide range of services from many airports across the UK. You can use our volume calculator to work out the total metric volume of your shipment and chargeable weight, you can then contact us with your requirements for a quote.
We can then advise you on the best method of transport, we regularly adjust our prices to ensure we are always very competitive and only use the highest quality and regulated service providers.
If you cannot get your product to one of our centres, don’t worry as we offer road freight and courier services across the UK, coupled with professional packing you can rest assured you are in good hands, whatever your requirements.


XPand’s Air Freight Rates

We may make it easy to get a price for your shipment, but how can you be assured you won’t find the same service at a better price elsewhere? Unlike some of our competitors, in many cases we can arrange bespoke rates depending on the requirements and size of your shipment. This will ensure you are always receiving the most competitive rates fro transport.
We will always endeavour to pass on any savings we can negotiate to our customers wherever possible, and our expert advice has proved invaluable to our clients time and time again.
Please get in touch with XPand Logistics today to discuss your requirements by using the contact form, calling  +44 (0) 1784 431 081 (London HQ) or sending an email to [email protected]