Air Freight services to Australia have proved to be an effective transportation service for many businesses across the world. XPand Logistics have been working with our customers in this area for a number of years and have extensive experience within this expert industry. Our reputation as an air freight forwarder has developed a over time and we ensure your cargo is of high importance throughout the freight forwarding procedure. No matter the size of your contents, we can help with all aspects including the occurrence of inflated fees you may have experienced in the past.

Air freight from London to Sydney is simple with XPand Logistics

Air Freight forwarding services by XPand Logistics are designed to be used in a simple and straight forward manner, including that of transportation to countries such as Australia.

You can use our volume calculator to work out the total metric volume of your shipment and chargeable weight, you can then contact us with your requirements for a quote.

From a wide range of UK airports to choose from and the best method of transport, XPand Logistics are happy to advise of the best course of action.

In addition we also offer road freight and courier services across the UK, coupled with professional packing for your convenience.

Close-up view of landing gear. Loading of cargo to airplane before flight.
Preparation before flight. Loading of cargo container against

XPand’s Air Freight Rates

Our prices are competitive, using the highest quality and regulated service providers – we may make it easy to get a price for your shipment.

More often than not, we can arrange bespoke rates depending on the requirements and size of your shipment. Our service is cost-effective and we aim to help further your costings by negotiating requirements with our customers wherever possible, and our expert advice has proved invaluable to our clients now and into the future.

Contact XPand Logistics today to discuss your requirements by using the contact form, calling  +44 (0) 1784 431 081 (London HQ) or sending an email to [email protected]

Contact XPand Logistics

To speak to a member of the XPand Team about Air Freight from London to Sydney or the UK to Australia, use the contact form on the right or call us using the details below.



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