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ETSF Bonded Warehouse Solutions in Manchester

We offer an HMRC-authorised External Temporary Storage Facility (ETSF) (formerly known as ERTS) in Altrincham, Greater Manchester.

  • Securely hold goods without immediate customs clearance
  • Immediately transfer goods from airport/port to our facility for enhanced security
  • Streamlined container devanning process
  • Reduce costs by avoiding storage charges at airports/ports
  • Located within easy distance of Manchester and Liverpool airport/ports.

XPand’s ETSF bonded warehousing service provides a strategic solution for businesses dealing with imported goods.

Our high security HMRC-approved facility allows goods to be stored under customs control without immediately incurring duties.

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Why Choose Our ETSF / ERTS Bonded Warehouse in Manchester?

Seamless Service

  • Ability to handle
    both customs & freight forwarding
  • Solutions for customers of all volumes
  • Accurate and timely processing
  • Dedicated Customs Team
  • Automated and Manual Clearance Options

Dedicated Consol Services

  • Inbound from USA, China
    and Australia
  • Full transparency and
    tracking across the
    whole process
  • Real-time tracking and
    stock control
  • Use a single solution
    or integrate with existing

Independent Experts

  • Independently run business
    with over 20 years’
  • First-class, personalised
    customer service
  • No rigid corporate strategies
  • AEO Approved

Value-Added Services

  • After clearance on-site
  • Packaging and repackaging
  • Labelling and barcoding
  • Customs Classification
  • Duty Deferment
  • Third Party Logistics (3PL)
  • Warehouse Storage

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We have been working with XPand Logistics for a couple of years now and the team’s flexibility, knowledge and understanding during some tough times (including lockdowns, port strikes & courier strikes) has made all the difference to our business and our customers. Their massive support ranges from arranging our container deliveries through to our end customers receiving their orders, and everything in between.”

UK Operations Manager
A sustainable packaging company

What are the key functions and purposes of an ETSF warehouse in customs operations?

An ETSF warehouse plays a critical role by providing a secure location for the storage of imported goods before customs duties and VAT are paid.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is an ETSF / ERTS bonded warehouse?

An ETSF (External Temporary Storage Facility) / ERTS (Enhanced Remote Transit Shed) bonded warehouse is a secure location where goods can be stored
without immediately paying import duties or VAT. This allows businesses to defer tax payments until the goods are moved out of the warehouse for distribution.

What are the benefits of using an ETSF / ERTS bonded warehouse?

Using an ETSF / ERTS bonded warehouse provides several benefits, including duty and VAT suspension, improved cash flow, enhanced supply chain efficiency, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

How can I store goods in your Manchester bonded warehouse?

To store goods in our Manchester bonded warehouse, you need to contact our customer relations team to discuss your requirements. We will guide you through the process, including customs documentation and storage arrangements.

Are there any restrictions on the types of goods that can be stored?

While our bonded warehouse can handle a wide range of goods, certain restricted items, such as excess goods, may require special handling and compliance with specific regulations. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

How do I track my inventory in the bonded warehouse?

We provide real-time tracking and inventory management solutions, allowing you to monitor your stock levels, movements, and status through our advanced warehouse management system.

Where is your warehouse?

It is located in Altrincham, Greater Manchester, 8 miles from central Manchester and 6 miles from Manchester airport. Direct links to M6, M56, M60 for nationwide distribution.

Find the fastest, safest, and most accurate ETSF solutions with XPand Logistics.

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