XPand’s track record in providing ocean freight solutions (aka Sea Freight) whether FCL or consolidation services on all trade lanes is second to none.

Through close working relationships with all the major shipping lines we have established competitive contract rates ensuring cost efficiency and reliability.

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4 Benefits of Ocean Freight

Cost effective

First and foremost, keeping within your company budget is an important factor for all businesses, no matter what industry they work in. This is no different when it comes to the import or export of goods.

Ocean freight is more often than not, a cheaper alternative to other methods of freight services. With the overall cost of shipping likely to be around six times less than that of Air Freight. Furthermore, heavier, larger shipments will always cost much less to ship by Ocean Freight.

Duties & V.A.T

Duties and VAT are calculated as a percentage of the customs value of the goods (item + insurance + shipping). Any duties and taxes on your international shipment will be billed directly to you by the global carrier. As a cheaper method of transportation, this could see your business receives a lower Duty and VAT bill (on goods of equivalent value), lower costs overall and a better profit margin.

Green Footprint

As we all know, the environment is ever-changing and not always for the greater good. If your organisation is playing it’s part by going green and ensuring the longevity of our planet for the future, you will no doubt want to minimise your carbon footprint when importing or exporting.

Environmental issues are a growing concern for all businesses and shipping by sea is the far more environmentally friendly option you can choose. After all, ocean freight produces much less CO2 (greenhouse gas) emissions than other means of freight forwarding.


Regardless of the size of your shipment, sea freight service companies can usually accommodate your needs. Whether you have a large shipment or a consignment of smaller items your items can be efficiently organised to lower costs. Larger shipments can be sent as singular or multiple full container loads (fcl), smaller shipments can be grouped together to save money.

Shipping services are a great option to solve your international freight requirements as they are designed to carry large amounts of goods port to port. Although transit times are higher than other methods like Air Freight, with proper planning we can ensure your goods are delivered on time in the majority of cases.


Why Choose XPand Logistics for your ocean freight requirements?

Reliable access to space

With over 121,500 sq. ft of warehouse storage space across four locations, our network of warehouses are perfectly placed to serve our network of customers across the UK. Our warehouses are located in:

  • London Heathrow: 18,000 sq ft
  • Basildon: 18,000 sq ft
  • West Horndon: 76,000 sq ft
  • Manchester: 9,500 sq ft
  • Total: 121,500 sq ft

All our warehouse facilities are fully alarmed, racked and fitted with 24hr CCTV. We offer long-term storage, PO management and employ Dedicated Warehouse Management System software which can be tailored to your individual requirements.

Industry Experts

Established in 2000, XPand’s enviable Ocean Freight industry experience and commitment to satisfying customer service goals are the driving force in our company in such a competitive market.

Unlike larger forwarders we are not tied into corporate strategies or global buying polices so we are able to respond rapidly to changes in the market and our customers’ needs. It is this flexibility, combined with a problem solving can-do attitude, along with our systems and price, that is key to our success and why our customers know they can rely on XPand.

Combine all this with our team of experienced professionals who are committed to customer service then we can proudly say we offer a service that is second to none.

Latest Technology

Employing the latest technology ensures our customers enjoy a seamless experience when using XPand’s ocean freight services.

Setting you up with your own account on the Cargowise online portal allows you to track your consignments and gives you access to customs information including clearance dates, delivery details, warehouse information and job related documents, as well as the convenience of online booking and a KPI dashboard. By customising this portal to your individual needs we ensure that wherever you are in the world you always feel in control.


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