XPand Logistics provides customers with air freight solutions to United Arab Emirates. From humble beginnings we have established ourselves as a favourable air freight forwarder, ensuring goods of all sizes are transported safely and effectively to this part of the world.
We provide air freight services to multiple airports across United Arab Emirates, ensuring the smooth delivery of your items. This is all operated cost-effectively, where we have excellent experience in avoiding inflated fees when sending goods over to this specific location.

Air Freight to United Arab Emirates is possible with XPand Logistics

Air Freight forwarding services is recognised as simple and possible, addressing the need for your cargo to be transported to a specific location saving time and money in the process.
XPand Logistics’ provided service to United Arab Emirates is no different.
You can use our volume calculator to work out the total metric volume of your shipment and chargeable weight, where you have the option to contact us with your requirements for a quote.
Our team are here to assist you, from the best method of transport to quality and pricing.
In addition, an agreement can be made to transport your product via road freight and courier services across the UK, if you have trouble getting it to one of our centres.
Your cargo will also receive professional packing, to ensure safety and piece of mind during transportation.

XPand’s Air Freight Rates

Our rates are bespoke to the contents of your cargo, dependent on the requirements and how big or small your shipment is likely to be. Thus, this stands us apart from our competitors. Here at XPand Logistics we ensure you are always receiving the most competitive rates fro transport.
We will always endeavour to pass on any savings we can negotiate to our customers wherever possible, and our expert advice has proved invaluable to our clients over a long period of time, returning to use our service once again.
Please get in touch with XPand Logistics today to discuss your requirements by using the contact form, calling  +44 (0) 1784 431 081 (London HQ) or sending an email to [email protected]