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XPanding Our Japanese Capability

Since our inception, XPand has been committed to providing the best transport solutions for all of our customers and understanding the world in which we operate. We actively support clients on a global basis with multifaceted logistical solutions, including support for operations and warehouses in the APAC region to help deliver client expansion initiatives.

In recent times, working alongside a leading online supermarket, we have seen huge growth in demand for our services to Japan, covering inbound customs clearance, ground transportation, warehousing, QC inspection, and final mile delivery.

The Japanese market is particularly fascinating because of its unique business culture and rich history of providing high-quality, efficient logistics services. In order to enhance our relationships with our partners and support clients in Japan, our employees recently completed a Japanese Business Etiquette training program facilitated by Shinka Management, a global consulting firm specialising in Japanese management practices.
The program focused on how to build successful business relationships with the Japanese, covering major aspects of Japanese culture, management practices and business customs. Understanding how hierarchy manifests itself in Japan and influences language, behaviour, and decision making processes was of special interest to the group.

Concepts new to the group were those of the Japanese approach to consensus building (nemawashi) and internal approval documents such as the ringi form. Understanding all of this helps us in comprehending the Japanese decision-making process.

David Osborn, XPand Logistics’ Managing Director, participated in the program with the team and had some great things to say about it:

“In our industry, successful relationships with global partners are crucial in providing high-quality, consistent service for our customers. With international business travel continuing to open up, the training program was well-timed to support our team ahead of a planned visit to Japan later this year.”

Our team found the sessions hugely rewarding and are already putting the knowledge into practice so we can continue to provide our customers with the level of service, commitment and expertise they have grown to expect and appreciate. If you’re looking for a partner who can assist you with your shipments to Japan why not contact us?

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